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Purchasing a code online is easy and are just $4.95 each. Simply complete the payment form below and your codes will be generated and emailed to you immediately.


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We guaranty your 100% satisfaction and will gladly refund your entire cost including shipping in the case you are not happy in any way and feel it necessary to return the product.

Why a Telegram from Santa Claus?

Simple... because with something as simple as an "authentic" personal message from Santa Claus you can provide a level of holiday magic to your family like never before possible while most likely spending less than any other purchase you'll make this Christmas. Learn more...

Do you remember as a child how exciting it was to get something in the mail... anything... but now imagine if that something was a personal message from Santa himself, in his handwriting, about things only he could possibly know. Truly magical...

You see, as adults we learn over time that what seems too good to be true probably is. Our children however are looking for reasons to believe in something much bigger than themselves that makes them feel special.

By allowing us to send your child this simple telegram that literally takes just minutes to create you are strengthening the sincere magical belief in Santa Claus you see in their eyes that will last a lifetime in the memories it creates!

Who are we?

Family owned and operated for more than 24 years from Santa Claus, Indiana, we have proudly become a part of thousands of families' holidays around the globe. Learn more...

Since the year 2000 we have mailed many thousands of personal messages to children from Santa Claus proudly becoming a part of family traditions all over the country.

Santa Claus, Indiana, our hometown, because of its unique name, offers the only postmark in the world named after Ole' St. Nick himself. It's because of this many flock to this small town to have their Christmas mail sent through our post office.

We have extended that service using the internet in the form of the most important type of mail that could possibly come from Santa Claus which of course is a personal telegram to your child.

How does it work?

Simply purchase your code(s) below using the secure form which will me emailed to you immediately along with simple instructions on how to create your magical telegrams from Santa Claus. Learn more...

Your unique code can be used on our home page at www.telegramfromsanta.com which will unlock our simple telegram building tool that will guide you through the process of crafting the perfect personal message from Santa Claus.

After finishing your message you will be asked if you want to upload a color photo, which is optional, and then you will choose a date on which you would like us to mail your the telegram. All telegrams carry the Santa Claus postmark but if mailed between 12/1 and 12/24 the commemorative picture postmark from Santa Claus will be used.

On the mailing date you specify we will postmark and mail your telegrams for delivery via the USPS via First Class mail, unless you specify a faster delivery method. Your child will be amazed that Santa took the time out of his busy schedule to send a message that only he could have written.

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