Since the year 2000 we have mailed many thousands of personal messages to children from Santa Claus proudly becoming a part of family traditions all over the country. Now you can offer a level of holiday magic to the families of your family and friends like never before possible with a gift card.

Santa Claus, Indiana, our hometown, because of its unique name, offers the only postmark in the world named after Ole' St. Nick himself. It's because of this many flock to this small town to have their Christmas mail sent through our post office.

You are giving your friends the unique opportunity to customize an authentic telegram from "Santa Claus" for a special little one in their life and we will postmark and mail it with the official Santa Claus postmark. They will thank you for helping make their Christmas magical and the telegram from Santa recipient, and their parents, will never forget it!

Why does a telegram from Santa Claus make the best gift?

Do you remember as a child how exciting it was to get something in the mail... anything... but now imagine if that something was a personal message from Santa himself, in his handwriting, about things only he could possibly know. Truly magical...

You see, as adults we learn over time that what seems too good to be true probably is. Our children however are looking for reasons to believe in something much bigger than themselves that makes them feel special. By offering your friends the ability to strengthen the sincere magical belief in Santa Claus they see in their child's eyes you will help them create a memory that will last a lifetime!

Each card carries a unique code which when used at unlocks our easy-to-use interactive telegram customization tools. These tools guide them through the process of creating the perfect personal message allowing them to preview a digital version of their telegram just as it will look when it arrives in their mailbox.

Telegrams from Santa Claus gift cards can be purchased here for just $4.95 each. Probably the least expensive gift you will purchase this season and one that will have the biggest impact on its recipient!

Use the secure form below to place your order for gift cards each containing a scratch-off code worth one personal telegram from Santa Claus. Time is limited so don't hesitate and get your order in right away!

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